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Elevated Women: POL Designer Sam Jones
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Elevated Women: POL Designer Sam Jones

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Sam wears the Optic Tee and Skirt
Sam wears the Optic Tee and Skirt, and the mannequin wears the Ethan Tie Dress.
This month we chat to POL founder and designer Sam Jones. Starting POL in 2008, Sam took inspiration from the women around her to create a label that elevates everyday style.
What are your morning rituals?
Mornings are crazy for me, depending on whether I have a ballet or Pilates class before work.  Outfits need to be organised for the day to be multi-purpose. Stretching is also important before I even think about moving.  
Where in the world do you feel most at home?
I love it when we manage to get out of Sydney to our little cottage in Hyams Beach.  Stepping out onto the beach with the clear blue water and white sand just feels like home.  Most weekends the majority of the beach is deserted and walking all the way to the end of the bay helps me to unwind.
The Clover Paisley Top and Skirt.
The Clover Paisley Top and Skirt.
How did you come to the career you’re in now?
Designing clothes is always something I have wanted to do. From a small child I was making clothes for my dolls and when I was 12 years old, I began making clothes and accessories for friends and family.  I would find the most incredible end of roll off cuts from this exclusive fabric store in the Queen Street Mall and make them into trims.  My Mum wondered why I always wanted to wear silk, because even back then I wanted the best quality fabrics.  
After school I studied for 3 years, majoring in fashion Design before starting work at Easton Pearson.  Starting my own business was the scariest step to take, but with a small child, it seemed to only way to work and enjoy her growing up as well.  
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t bleach the fuck out of your hair and perm it.  
The Toya Maxi Shirt Dress in Green.
What is a product you just can’t live without?
I am absolutely a product junkie. My bathroom cupboard is full of moisturisers, but my favourite at the moment is Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster for my face and Luna Tanning Moisturiser for that subtle year round glow.
How do you relax?
Ballet is my relaxation. I started as a beginner around six years ago, and now I try to go at least three times a week.  Pointe classes are grueling so you really need to be mindful and in the moment.  This is my meditation.
 The Optic MultiStripe Tee and Skirt.
Do you have a signature scent?
At the moment I’m loving Flowerhead by Byredo.
What is your favourite thing to do to give back to the world/pay it forward?
I love having students working with us at POL, so they can experience what we do.  A lot of them are so passionate about fashion and a career in fashion.  To give them experience and advise is so important to nurture the next generation.