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Spotlight on Cashmere
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Spotlight on Cashmere

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Cashmere is the softest, most coveted yarn around. But it's not all about that incredible handfeel - we want to make cashmere that makes you feel as good about where it comes from as it does to wear.
So, what exactly is the issue around cashmere, and what is ethically sourced cashmere?

Not all cashmere is created equal. Over the last decade, the demand for cashmere has gone up exponentially. Once a luxury commodity, cashmere has become widely available and an incredibly popular yarn due to it's beautiful softness, lightness and warmth. The increased number of goats needed to meet the demand of the industry has caused serious environmental issues, including overgrazing and eventual land degradation.

POL Clothing Cashmere

That's why all of our cashmere is sourced from ethical farms in Inner Mongolia, where animal welfare and environmental impacts are carefully monitored. Goat numbers are kept to a sustainable level, and shepherds rotate the grazing areas regularly to allow for the land to regenerate naturally. Our supplier works directly with the farmers to build up the livelihood of herding communities.

Once this cashmere makes it to our supplier, that's where the fun begins. We work with them to create a colour palette that matches back perfectly with the rest our collection, before the garments are knitted into the gorgeous shapes we love to wear and share with you.

Available this season in Amber, Black, Green, Ink, Pink and Plum, our designer Sam shares her favourite ways to style the Abbey knits in the video below.