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Elevated Women: Photographer Natalie Cottee
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Elevated Women: Photographer Natalie Cottee

· · · Comments

Photographer Natalie Cottee in POL Clothing

Nat wears the Cove Layered Knit with the Check Button Pant, available from our Winter 2019 Collection.

You learn a lot about people when you work together on a photoshoot, and we've worked with photographer and creative director Natalie Cottee on more than we can count. Her dedication to get the right shot is second to none, even if it means jumping out from behind the camera and into our AW19 photoshoot. We took some time to chat to Nat away from the photography studio about her everyday essentials and inspirations.

What are your morning rituals? 

When I'm in a good routine, I will wake up and go for a big walk along the headlands looking over the ocean. I'm lucky living on the beach and really it's my favourite way to start my day. In summer I usually go for a swim before I get into my day. I'm a bit of a wuss though and only do this for about three months of the year before it's too cold again!

Where in the world do you feel most at home?

Definitely my home! My husband Pete and I (along with our cat Chewie) are so lucky to live where we do and love to have our friends and family over to share our little piece of heaven.

How did you come to the career you’re in now?

I actually studied Fine Arts at University but left my degree half way to work in media/magazines. After a few years though, I realised I'd veered off track slightly so I went back to my studies but this time in Graphic Design. I then was really lucky to combine by creative side and my love for fashion into a role within a Creative Agency where I ended up becoming an Art Director. The natural progression for me after this was for me to start taking the photos too rather than briefing someone else in to realise my vision. This is when I realised I'd found my 'thing' and I was sticking to it.

POL AW19 photoshoot by Nat Cottee

Nat (left) wears the Cygnet Wrap Top, and Louise wears the Atrium Knit with the Cygnet Skirt, from our Winter 2019 Collection.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Every experience and job is valuable so just soak up all you can from the people around you and have fun with it. There will always be people ahead of you and always people behind you but it's not a race so just enjoy the ride and remember you will never stop learning. 


What is a product you just can’t live without?

This stuff is life changing and so cheap!! It's called Derma-E Essentials Overnight Face Peel with AHA's. I'm not normally one to use active ingredients or heavy products but this is 100% cruelty free/vegan and is the most effective thing I have ever used on my skin. No word of a lie, you wake up and you can actually see the difference in brightness and clarity from one use. I use it once a week before bed and have been raving about it to anyone I get a chance to!

POL Elevated Women: Nat Cottee

Nat wears the Cygnet Wrap Top, available from our Winter 2019 Collection.

How do you relax?

Yoga! I love all yoga and for me it's the best way to get me meditating and making sure I take a moment to myself. Plus, I try to fit in regular massages which helps with the stiffness from all the shooting and editing. 


Do you have a signature scent?

I love Aesop's Marrakech Intense. Other scents come and go but for a couple of years now it's been a trusty favourite of mine. I don't like to wear anything too refined or chemically so I often stick to either perfume oils or brands that have really minimal processing, like Le Labo.


Nat wears the Cove Layered knit in Fox

Nat (left) wears the Cove Layered Knit, and Louise wears the Cove Draped Knit available from our Winter 2019 Collection.

What is your favourite thing to do to give back to the world/pay it forward? 

I love to rescue animals! I am a volunteer WIRES rescue and immediate care giver for Australian natives and I've rescued everything from possums to wallabies, kookaburras, magpies, lorikeets, echidnas and even a duck! There are some really sad moments when the animals may not survive but the good outweighs those more difficult times and it really makes me feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose.

Check out our AW19 Lookbook, and see more of Nat's work on her website and Instagram.