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Elevated Women: Fleurette's Christelle Scifo
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Elevated Women: Fleurette's Christelle Scifo

· · · Comments

Christelle wears the Nomad Handloom Cami and the Mohave Pants.

Christelle wears the Nomad Handloom Cami and the Mohave Pants.

We first came across Christelle's work while searching for a Sydney-based floral stylist to collaborate on a photoshoot, and quickly fell in love with her beautifully styled floral, foliage and object still lifes. At our Resort photoshoot, Christelle's arrangements brought our Desert Flower print to life with beautiful tonal foliage, gumnuts and blush toned daisies. We recently had the chance to chat to Christelle as part of our Elevated Women series, discussing her work, daily practices and inspirations.

What are your morning rituals?

I don’t have rituals as such, aside from coffee (a long black) and my basic beauty routine. Freelancing and work with flowers doesn’t allow for much of a morning with the early call times. If and when time allows for it, lemon infused water hydrates and cleanses, stretching and a swim (the perks of living by the sea) or ideally a Pilates or ballet class are all favourite ways to start the day. Of course the flower markets are hard to beat, they invigorate and inspire me for the work and day ahead.

Where in the world do you feel most at home?

Home for me is Sydney, by the sea - where my loves live, my family and friends. Paris however is a necessity at least once a year if not more, if not just for the inspiration of the beauty and culture of the city that I miss so much.

Christelle wears the Willow Origami Tee and Willow Pant

Christelle wears the Willow Origami Tee and Willow Stitch Pant.

How did you come to the career you’re in now?

I always had a love for fashion, flowers, beauty and culture. I grew up as a dancer, studying ballet, along with music, art and design and surrounded by artist aunts and avid gardeners, my father a chef. My childhood was filled with culture and creativity.

It happened for me gradually and quite naturally. The flowers, art and fashion were always there, I’d studied art and design through and after school. Spending time living and working in Paris in my early twenties I was surrounded by all the beauty and culture the city offered; flowers had always been a big part of my world.

On return to Sydney I was looking for a new direction in styling and creative arts. Flowers, food and fashion collided for me at this moment. My time in Paris and all that I was exposed to harness and manifested these passions; flowers, food, fashion, culture, beauty, art, design and architecture into reality. It evolved to styling and to working with flowers here at home, learning on the job refining my knowledge and skill along with finding my own eye and aesthetic. From there I launched Fleurette a few years ago and the practice and my aesthetic has evolved and grown ever since.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I feel through all I’ve learnt, the most memorable of lessons and advice through experience; observing and absorbing my surroundings and learning from my mistakes, continually wanting to better myself.

Stay true to you, follow your gut instincts and your heart. Constantly evolve and challenge your limitations, following all you love. Don’t be swayed or easily influenced but others around you. And as the old sayings go; work real hard and be kind to people.

Christelle Scifo wears the Nomad Handloom Cami and Mohave Pants

Christelle wears the Nomad Handloom Cami and the Mohave Pants.

What is a product you just can’t live without?

Water in all its forms, dry Shampoo, mascara, indulgent hand creams and moisturiser.

How do you relax?

A ballet or pilates class to quiet the mind and switch off from my surroundings. An ocean swim and a book on the beach, a rummage for vintage in a seconds store, a glass of rose at sunset or red of an evening are a few favourite things.

Do you have a signature scent?

I love to mix it up depending on the season, the city I’m in or how I’m feeling or the time of day or night. These are each on high rotation of late; Grandiflora Sandrine / Le Labo Santal 33 / Gabrielle Chanel / Calvin Klein Woman / Byredo Gypsy Water.

Christelle Scifo wears the Willow Origami Tee and Willow Stitch Pant

Christelle wears the Willow Origami Tee and Willow Stitch Pant.

What is your favourite thing to do to give back to the world/pay it forward?

I try more and more to steer away from plastic in my everyday life and bring that into my work life, in the studio and on set. Working with growers sourcing locally grown flowers at market and foraging when I can too. I grow many of the flowers I use in my family garden. I try to also steer away from the use of floral foam, preferring to work when possible with my beautiful vessels, Japanese ikebana stands and custom ceramic structures.

All photos by Christelle Scifo. 

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